Package Features

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Promotion Trial Session (Half Price @$50 Only)

Never intimidating, the session will ensure you have a feel of how the program works and know more about yourself and most importantly clear any doubts! The promotional trial session provides you with adequate understanding of how a standard session outlook will be like. In addition, it slowly integrates you into exercise and help you with your learning progress!

Customized Package Program Plan

The 10 & 20-session packages are designed to provide the essential ultimate workout that will help to trim and lose undesirable fat. Not forgetting, toning and building muscles to optimize your out-look through varied customized exercises and nutritional guidance! The structured exercise guides every individual to understand how your muscle works and with precise cues to improve further on workout performance. Guaranteed to your satisfaction, you will be confident and be able to plan your own structured workout plans! I focus on your ability and NEVER dwell on your inabilities. With constant motivation and support, I will help you achieve your desired results.

Being an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, attaining many awards and scholarship prizes from Nanyang Technological University (Hons, Merit, Scholarship Awards), Republic Polytechnic (Merit, Scholarship Awards), these credentials will come in handy to help you achieve your fitness goals!

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